Our affiliate program

Are you in the industry as a technical writer, translator or graphic designer?

Then partnering with us might be just the right move to boost your business. Bring your customers a tool to work with and extend your business opportunities by consultation. Consult your customers on the best documentation processes and link up with their documentation infrastructure by your connection with the tool.

Become a partner and strengthen your customer relationships!

+ SingleFeeder is easy to introduce and yields quick customer benefit
+ Bring your experience right into your customer's infrastructure
+ You are not limited to consultation, you can also apply
+ With SingleFeeder you are closely connected to your customer's processes
+ Become the expert for a central tool in technical writing
+ Tap into additional revenue by extending your service portfolio
+ We support you by elaborate product and knowledge videos on our web page and our YouTube channel
+ Generate repetitive income through product updates
+ We will take care of installation and administration
+ Access additional income by bonus payments
+ SingleFeeder is versatile to use with different editors (MS Word, FrameMaker, InDesign, etc.)

SingleFeeder GmbH

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Sales and marketing:

E-Mail: sales@remove-this.singlefeeder.de
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Managing Director: Matthias Heine

E-Mail: info@singlefeeder.de
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