We at SingleFeeder want you to pay only for the benefit you get from using our software. This is why the size of the licence and its fee depend on the number of languages, users, the volume of data you process with the database, the proportion of translations and the re-use rate.

The fees below are sample configurations.

However, some things apply to all configurations:

  • SingleFeeder is very cost-efficient and was especially designed for small and medium-sized authoring teams.
  • One-off licence fees, not rental or follow-up costs.
  • Pay-by-use support contract.
  • SingleFeeder is available from € 650,-.

Possible configurations

Licence size S

€ 850*

One-off licence fee

Users 2

Target languages  2

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Licence size M

€ 2.950*

One-off licence fee

Users 5

Target languages 3

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Licence size L

€ 13.558*

One-off licence fee

Users 5

Target languages 10

Order now

  *Excl.applicable VAT.

Contact us. Ask us for a quote to match your individual configuration.

Extendable at any time

In case you need a larger licence in the future, for example, to cover more languages, the licence is extendable at any time. To do that, we will only charge the gap to your existing configuration.

SingleFeeder is the first authoring system available for purchase online.
It is as easy as this:
1 Select your licence and click “Order now”.
2 Follow the purchase instructions.
3 Download the files.
4 Contact our support. We will take care of the installation.


The size does not fit?

With our volume licence, you will only pay for the benefit you have.

SingleFeeder GmbH

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Sales and marketing:

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Owner: Matthias Heine

Phone: +49 (0)511 450 3635

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