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The development of the SingleFeeder authoring system started back in 2008. Drive for the founder of the company, Matthias Heine, was his 20-year experience as a freelance technical writer. In this function, he worked for many renowned companies like Sennheiser or Konica-Minolta. The ideas and requirements for the authoring system SingleFeeder emerged this work and were implemented step by step. Meanwhile, SingleFeeder has matured to be marketable and has been available since 2018.

In the development, the focus always was on making the system suitable for small authoring teams. By now, SingleFeeder is characterised by low investment costs combined with great flexibility and immediate readiness for simple, intuitive use.

Beyond this, the following requirements guided the development:

  • Free adaptability of the created documents, especially with respect to the layout
  • Manufacturer-independent editing
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Translation management that requires no post-editing of translated documents
  • Updatability of existing manuals, including the translations
  • Cost-effectiveness to justify the investment of a small business, especially with respect to order fluctuations that are difficult to plan


The first version…

... of SingleFeeder was still strictly oriented along the Hamburg functional model. It was programmed for valid XML according to DocType with stylesheets, XSL and XSLT. After initial tests, however, the system proved not to be sufficiently flexible for general use. The database model, on the other hand, was particularly well-suited for use in technical documentation.

The development of the second software version ...

... therefore started in 2012. The tested and approved database model from the first version was adopted and further developed. Word and FrameMaker were used to connect interfaces to widely used editors in technical writing. The flexibility of the system with regard to individual requirements ‑ especially with regard to the layout of customer's and prospect's documents - was optimally taken into account during the development.

The SingleFeeder version 2.0…

… now unifies all the above mentioned requirements. Thanks to its low purchase costs, its immediate readiness for use and its flexibility, the system is particularly suitable for use by small and medium-sized authoring teams.

SingleFeeder GmbH

Hildesheimer Str. 86A
30169 Hanover, Germany

Sales and marketing:

Phone: +49 (0)511 450 3725

Owner: Matthias Heine

Phone: +49 (0)511 450 3635

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