The authoring system SingleFeeder

"For how long will it make sense to save texts to a file system? We think: no longer, if texts can be saved to a database with no extra effort. By connecting the database to Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe InDesign, we have created an authoring system to do just that. The authoring system SingleFeeder is specifically designed to match the needs of small and medium-sized authoring teams."

Stop document chaos and language confusion!

You have more important things to do than tediously search your documents for text to re-use and organise translations. You want to find and re-use any existing and approved text instantly. Ideally you want to organise your documents to only take care of new content.

A simple collection of documents used as templates for new documents will turn confusing much too quickly for this. And once you need to update existing documents and want to avoid translating text that you have used in several documents several times, your amount of work will increase by magnitudes…

This is why we have developed a lean and easy-to-use system to manage your documents: SingleFeeder.

Feel at home from the day you move in

Simply organise your documents like you do in your Windows file explorer. Feel at home with SingleFeeder right from the start. Create a comprehensive structure for documents, text modules, images and associated files. This allows you quick and comfortable access to everything you need at all times. Start your productive work with SingleFeeder right away without having to explore the new system first.    

Who would want double work?

Write any content you want to re-use only once.

Once you have written your content and saved it to the system, you will be able to find any text within seconds. With a single keyword, the SingleFeeder authoring support finds every instance of the respective content in the database without having to open, search and close any of your documents.

Text blocks and text modules.

Take one more step forward and save content you need often as text modules. Doing this is just as easy as saving a document. By the way: SingleFeeder will help you to find the most used texts to identify the best candidates for text modules.

Want to know where to make the changes?

Are you faced with changes you have to make to many documents and do not know where to find the respective content? The usage view in SingleFeeder makes this easy. It will precisely tell you which documents to edit. And best: you will only need to edit every sentence once to update all documents together. This is the end to any typos.

One document – all languages.

Translation management with SingleFeeder makes your translation handling easier than ever.

You only need to work with one document to cover all your language versions. SingleFeeder will automatically update all the language versions if you edit the original. This keeps your number of documents down and your documentation as a whole comprehensive.

SingleFeeder will automatically search for missing translations and insert the returned translations into the documents. All you need to do is print the translated document.

By the way: the statistics view will keep you informed about pending translations at any time. No surprises here…

And it will get much better still…

… if you want to make your documents even smarter.

Constantly improve your documentation while working with your documents. SingleFeeder will not only learn, but also support you with many helpful auxiliary functions.

Variants for alternative text.

If you want to personalise your documents.

Do you want to create individual documents? For example, create country-specific variants? Or use alternative sections for different variants, e.g. for product manuals? From now on, this is easy and error-proof: simply include all possible variants in one single document and decide which content you want to include when publishing with a single mouse click. The system will not miss out on a single instance – for sure.

perfect in every detail …

...even more individually?

If you have documents with changes only in figures and names, SingleFeeder will help you here as well. Just define the respective numbers in the system and it will insert the right figure wherever it is used in the document – astonishingly simple, safe and comprehensive.


Well-preserved: stored forever and instantly available.

SingleFeeder allows to save a version of your documents at any stage. The version will be stored in the system database. However, it is disconnected from the update process. The version is linked to the original document and is retrievable at any time.

Words, words, words...

… so how about the terms?

Different authors – different ways to put things. This may be natural, but may confuse your readers. SingleFeeder will support you in this as well. Tell the system which terms you want to use and which you want to disapprove. SingleFeeder will search all your documents and propose the approved terms to use.

It is not only the terms...

… different sentences may also say the same thing. This will not only require your readers to think more but it will also increase your translation volume. We think that is unnecessary and built a function that allows you to merge differing sentences with identical meaning in all your documents and harmonise your documentation.

Any extras?

Do you want to deliver additional information in different file formats together with your documentation? No problem. Supplier documents as PDF, parts lists in Excel or media files: once you have associated with your document, you can also manage this content in the database and comfortably publish it together with your document.

Seamless integration.

Combine power with power.

The add-ins for the editors Word, FrameMaker and InDesign give you direct access from the editor to the SingleFeeder database. Open, save and close documents, insert images, create and insert text modules and make global changes to all documents straight from your editor without changing the application.


Use your texts wherever you like.

Use the direct link from Word, FrameMaker and InDesign to SingleFeeder. However, you are not restricted to these. In addition, you may use interfaces for PowerPoint and .xliff files and re-use your content in virtually any other editor as well.

For the controllers.

Measure your success. Do you know your figures?

SingleFeeder can tell you the key figures of your documentation. The statistics will tell you how much you have documented, what your re-use rate is and how much you have already translated. Besides this, SingleFeeder will tell you the progress you made over the past year. For the first time, you will have reliable figures on your documentation. This enables you to quantify and assess your performance and monitor your development.

On the blocks, ready, go!

Do not worry about a complex installation.

That is something we will do for you. When we are done, things will be easy for you. And just in case you do run into problems: our support is available, also after the installation is done.

From now on, things will be easy.

Welcome to SingleFeeder.

Thanks to SingleFeeder, many companies – especially small and medium-sized ones – have massively increased the efficiency of their documentation and at the same time greatly improved their processes. They have improved their writing of the documents, eliminated waste by double translations and different ways to describe identical content. They refined their texts and made their documentation more profitable. Exploit these opportunities yourself – start today.


SingleFeeder GmbH

Hildesheimer Str. 86A
30169 Hanover, Germany

Sales and marketing:

Phone: +49 (0)511 450 3725

Owner: Matthias Heine

Phone: +49 (0)511 450 3635

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