Authoring System SingleFeeder

Great efficiency and user-friendliness,
small price and little effort

SingleFeeder offers all the benefits of an authoring system at minimum licence costs and introduction work.

Ready for immediate use:

SingleFeeder meets your authoring were you are. Import your document as they are into the system to benefit from its opportunities right away.

Easy use:

Work with the editor you are familiar with. Using SingleFeeder will allow you to benefit from the advantages of an authoring system without having to worry about a complex introduction phase or complex controls.

Easily managing documents and working more efficiently:

Optimise your documentation as you go along. Bit by bit, this will enhance the efficiency of your documentation with no great extra work. For example: Modularise your documents 'on the fly'.

Matching your requirements:

What is most special about our system? The data volume you handle determines the licence costs. SingleFeeder is available from €650. Use our free licence calculator to set the system size to just what you need. The calculator will give you the licence price AND show you the potential saving inherent in your documentation. Be surprised that this investment will start to return to you in only three months!

It can be so easy to introduce an authoring system:

Order, install, start. SingleFeeder – the ideal start into working with a databased authoring system.

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Is it possible to avoid multiple translations?

“Translation costs cut drastically.
Although we have been using a translation memory for decades and use optimised texts in our large manuals, the translation costs dropped by as much as 30%. For a short transition phase from a file-based system to an authoring system, we had expected translation costs to rise. However, with an increase of 12% over the first three projects only, the rise was much lower than we had planned.
Another great benefit is that we now avoid multiple translations with the respective variants in our database. We had found up to 15 different translations for a single source sentence in our documents before. SIn the future, there will be no more of these unwanted variants because we only send those sentences to translation that do not have a translation yet.
The function that marks source sentences that have been sent to translation and that have not yet returned as 'in translation', preventing them from being exported again, has made managing large translation projects much easier and saves us a lot of valuable time. Now we do not need to wait for a project to return from translation but we can send out several projects at the same time, without creating duplicates.”

Dipl. Ing. Klaus Schymiczek

SingleFeeder ?

“The wish to create an authoring system that better fulfils the need for flexibility, immediate usability and easy use, based on 20 years of practical work as a freelance technical author for international corporations; we wanted a system that fulfils all these needs and that is available at a price that is well affordable for small authoring teams.
With SingleFeeder, we created just that.”

Matthias Heine

Is service quality important for you?

“Perfect service:
During the installation phase, some of our requirements for an authoring system emerged to be a challenge. For example, we needed translatable call-out texts for images, and these occasionally created error messages. The personal communication with SingleFeeder about these and other issues was fast, always friendly, frank, and transparent. On the phone and by remote access, SingleFeeder always responded quickly and adjusted the system in short time so that it perfectly matches our requirements and snugly fits into our IT environment. Also later on, SingleFeeder always returned our questions quickly with answers, made necessary adaptations and created individual functionalities.”

Steffen Zamhöfer
Technical author

Is it possible to reduce translation costs?

“In the past we created our manuals in Word, with high translation costs despite deploying a translation memory system. Already with the first manual we created with SingleFeeder, we were able to reduce the translation costs.”

André Figula
Kling & Freitag GmbH, Hanover

Is it worth for small authoring teams to invest in an authoring system?

"As we are a small company, we never thought about an authoring system. Too expensive, too powerful, too complex. We had no time to take a year to introduce it. Then we heard of SingleFeeder. For us, the investment definitely paid off. The costs were low, service and maintenance are good and, with SingleFeeder, we were able to establish a sound quality management. We had everything up and running in a matter of weeks. Our authors were surprised how user friendly such a system can be."

Klaus Achim Höltemeyer

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